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who is this hot girl?
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They have never found a live specimen of the HIV virus, all they have found are antibodies which means you immune system fought off the disease. HIV is a harmless retro-virus. When people use drugs their immune system gets weak and they get sick easier and the doctors call the flare up, AIDS. There is no AIDS virus. The reason gays get sick and die is because the male body fights off intruders (male sperm) and when it has to fight that much it gets weak and they become susceptible to disease and they die. Don't people know that? Just quit using drugs, and quit anal sex and nobody will die from what they call "AIDS"
I wouldn't doubt it Jack. It almost seems like the "perfect" disease for the pharm industry. When it comes to AIDS, they are God and we are helpless. I can't believe it's just happenstance.

I read about early cases of AIDS before it was called AIDS, and they were all cured. The mass media caught hold to the sensational story that there was this deadly disease that you could do nothing about, and the evil homo's and dope fiends were going to get the rest of us all killed from it. And literally, that's when it sunk in as AIDS=death, as we believe it now. Remember, 1st it came from Haiti, then from monkeys in Africa that had been fornicated with by Africans (ppleease), and I don't know what they're attributing it to now. (I believe it was created in a corporate laboratory.)

What you say is true. I've never heard a plausible explanation of why the body is powerless to help itself in the face of this illness.

If you have a link with more info about this, please post it.

(Notice how all of your answers attack you without any substance. They've all bought the story at full price, without any thought to it at all. If this was reported on CNN, they'd believe it then. The suckers...)

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