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My dog is in her final stages of pregnancy and one of her nipples has a big, hard knot in it - is this normal?
I'm not sure the exact date of my dogs delivery but I know it's coming up. I just noticed one of her middle nipples is inflamed, larger than the rest and has a big hard knot in it. Initially I thought this was milk coming in but none of the others are like this one. They are hanging and big, but this one has a distinctive knot in it. Should I be concerned and what could this be?
Her nipple duct is most likely infected. I would take her to the vet, or at least call and ask them for advice asap as it could be very painful for her. You don't want her to reject her pups because it hurts to nurse them! Other more experienced people will be able to give you better advice here too, but see a vet regardless.
How to get hard and big nipples and pecks?
i was wounder for guys how to get hard and big nipples and pecks......

like how do i get that ...

give me some tips that i can do at home ...

how long would it take.....
Dont plan on much if your doing it at home. You need a gym or gym equipment. Best you can do at home is different types of pushups. If you have a bench and some weights you can get some decent results at home
How do guys get big hard nipples and chest?
i need help really fast and i mean fast lol
by playing with them

Im a boy and my nipples are big and have hard things under em and i think its puberty.ne1knowwentheyllgoaway…
i think its puberty.. i know why or what is happenin and if or when itll go away.
They will go away. You won't notice when they are gone. Just one day they'll be gone.
Ok well i have big nipples and they only get hard when i rub them or something, i wanna pierce them but how?
will they look will my nipple always be hard now?
How can I keep my nipples hard?
I am a 22 year old male and I am in ok shape but I have really big nipples that only look good when they are hard. Is there any way that i can keep them hard?
hook them up to a jumpstart on a car.
Why do my breast hurt and my nipples has got really big and hard?
hi 2 months ago i had a chemical pregnancy and now im trying for a baby again, my breast really hurts and feels so heavy my nipple have gotten bigger and really hard for the last month, my period is not due till 24th jan. could it be that my period or is this a early pregnancy symptom???
Could be one or the other. How are we supposed to know which one it is?
When the nipples start to get hard and big does that mean she's soon to deliver?
we can't feel any kittens yet, so will it be awhile?
Well yes that could my she is going to be having litten soon. But there are other things to look for like can you feel her filling up with milk. Are her side getting pretty big. She she hidding alot. Does she mewo alot for no reason.

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