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Infant genital torture--why is it in the Bible, commanded by God?
Sure, under the New Testament circumcision is no longer required, but why was it required in the first place? And plenty of Christians, especially in the US, still do it. Jews and Muslims still do it. Why? What is it about religion it wants to point something sharp at your crotch, anyway?

And for those that say it's more sanitary or some such nonsense, why not cut off your baby's ears so you don't have to clean them? In fact, is there any doubt that if the Bible said to cut off your baby's ears, it's a sign of the covenant. that people would do it, and say "It's more sanitary" and "They won't remember it"?

One last question on the topic--why is female genital mutilation a human rights issue but male genital mutilation is seen as "normal"?
If I link you to the video, I will be reported for "Adult Content" even though it is nothing more than a documentary on the topic of Male circumcision...

So I will tell you how to get there...

Go to (Yes, just type in and search this exact term "Penn Teller circumcision".

There you will find streaming sources to the episode.

You can get episode details here, at the P&T Episode Guide:

Circumcision is pointless for 99% of males... ONLY the United States continues to routinely circumcise its guyren...

The "Reasons" for it are MYTHS...

Hygiene? WE HAVE SOAP! Take 5 seconds in the shower each day to pull back the foreskin and WASH YOUR PENIS!

STD's? The ONLY thing that has been documented is that there is a "Slightly Elevated Risk" of getting HPV if you are not circumcised. Since 50% of all humans HAVE one of the many, many forms of HPV, you have a 53% risk of getting it instead of 50%... The big question becomes, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU NOT USING A CONDOM??

The ONLY reason for Circumcision is when SOME men get Glansie, a tightening of the foreskin caused by a tight preputial ring, a band of fibrous tissue at the end of the foreskin, which can lead to tearing and scar tissue making sexual activity painful. This happens to a small minority of men and is NOT something that "All" men need to worry about.




If all the NONSENSE about Circumcision were true, why doesn't the rest of the planet do it? Do ALL of their men have HPV? Do ALL of their men get Glansie? Do ALL of their men have such a build up of smegma that their penis turns to brie?

NO! The very idea is retarded...

MOST circumcisions are done WITHOUT ANESTHETIC! People claim that the infant's nervous system isn't developed enough to feel the pain of the act...

NONSENSE! The baby doesn't cry because it is going in to SHOCK from the horrible pain!

RESEARCH people!

H the topic before you spread misinformation that is not backed up by legitimate science.
How do you feel about a law that forbids infant male genital mutilation?
Reasons why

1. The foreskin is the most sensitive part of the penis having more than 20,000 nerve endings compared to a clitoris with only 8,000.

2. It violates a guy's rights because it's done without his consent

3. No, religion isn't an excuse because it's the opium of mankind

4. Mutilating and torturing infants is a crime against humanity!
I feel good about that!
Is infant male genital mutilation the root of misogyny?
FIRST, visit here:…

Quote: "It wasn't until I became the mother of a son that I thought of circumcision as the root of all evil"or at least the root of misogyny. How could they not grow up and stomp us under their boots after we allow such a hideous, agonizing torture to be inflicted on their freshly born little bodies?"
Not sure if I agree with that...but I do agree that circumcision is the worst thing that you can do to your guyren. When is the U.S. going to wake up?
What is your opinion on torture?
Do you think it is necessary in certain occasions or that it doesn't have a place in our democracy.
I recently say a picture on or something like that. The pictures were horrible. They had dogs trained to attack the genitals of prisoners in the Abu Ghraib prison. The site also had a heart sickening video of a young 14 year old male raped in front of his parents. The parents cried and scream while they beat the prison gaurds beat the guy and raped him.
We've never done it.
Why is circumcision still legal in modern liberal states?
Human sacrifice? Nope.
Animal sacrifice? Nope.
Torture? Nope
Stoning? Nope
Female genital mutilation? Nope.
Male genital mutilation? ...yes?

Please help me. I don't understand why parents who circumcise their guyren aren't either punished or labelled as unfit parents by governments that are established to protect against harms towards non-consenting individuals. Regardless of unsubstantiated health benefits, isn't it far safer to err on the side of non-mutilation till the scientific community is a bit more together on this one?
In my opinion, yes, it is safer to err on the side of non-circumcision.

It's becoming more common for hospitals to NOT circumcise infants, especially in areas with high immigrant populations.

But there are valid religious beliefs that require circumcision. And there are many parents who want it done for cosmetic or cultural reasons.

I doubt it will be illegal in the US in my lifetime. Probably not even in my guyren's lifetimes. Too many people want it done.

So I really think that the focus should be less on making it illegal and more on ensuring that infants who undergo the surgery receive adequate anesthesia (many don't), and that parents know that it's okay to not have their sons circumcised.

But that's unlikely to happen since there appears to be a slight decrease in incidence of STDs in circumcised men. And public health organizations are jumping on that and promoting circumcision.

I wouldn't circumcise my sons, unless there was a seriously compelling reason to do so. Sometimes it is required for medical reasons, and I'd be okay with that. And if my husband was a devout Jew or Muslim, I'd consider it.
Why is male circumcision accepted in today's society, but female circumcision regarded as barbaric?
Both are types of genital mutilation. The only difference is, one if performed on males and the other is performed on females. So why is it viewed as acceptable for young boys to be circumcised, but not young girls? Is this some perverse form of sexism?

For those of you who are not entirely sure about the procedure of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), here is a quick description of the two most common types (accounting for approximately 90% of all FGM):
1. Clitoridectomy: partial or total removal of the clitoris (a small, sensitive and erectile part of the female genitals) and, in very rare cases, only the prepuce (the fold of skin surrounding the clitoris).
2. Excision: partial or total removal of the clitoris and the labia minora, with or without excision of the labia majora (the labia are "the lips" that surround the vagina).

According to a medical article on Female Genital Mutilation:
"FGM is recognized internationally as a violation of the human rights of girls and women. It reflects deep-rooted inequality between the sexes, and constitutes an extreme form of discrimination against women. It is nearly always carried out on minors and is a violation of the rights of guyren. The practice also violates a person's rights to health, security and physical integrity, the right to be free from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, and the right to life when the procedure results in death."

How comes FGM is seen as a violation of the human rights of females, but male circumcision is seen as a perfectly normal and acceptable procedure? There have been many studies on male circumcision and despite the general consensus that it's healthier and more hygienic to be circumcised, none have provided conclusive evidence to support this. Furthermore, there are risks with every medical procedure and male circumcision can result in bleeding, infection, loss of sensation and erectile dysfunction later on in life.

So, I'm interested to hear your opinions on this matter. Do you agree or disagree with infant circumcision (both male and female) and why/why not?
It always makes me laugh to see pro-circumcision advocates try to use the excuse of penis cleanliness to justify the procedure, it may have been the case a few century's ago due the fact that they didn't have running water back then. However nowadays we have SHOWERS, If I want to keep my todger clean then all I have to do is pull my foreskin back and wash all the cheese off. Or do the circumcision advocates think that I can't be trusted to do that?

As for the religious reasons, if God gave me a foreskin when he created me only to want my parents to have it cut off when I was born. Then God must either be very indecisive or he must be one sadistic f***.

I'm completely against circumcision either way male or female, their is nothing unhygienic about the male foreskin given our modern circumstances and the invention of showers, they can be washed in seconds. I believe that every individual should have the same rights to an intact body, male or female. To infringe on a persons bodily liberties and modify their body against their will is sickening in my opinion.

As for the shallow people who think it's 'ugly' or 'disgusting' then tough s***, I'm not modifying my body just so that my penis pleases you aesthetically.
Was the Sexual Torture at Abu Gharib a Hint at what Republicans were doing behind closed doors?
Remember there were mostly males and assaults on young boys; naked bodies piled on bodies with the bums showing; closeup photos and dogs targeting genitalia. Was all this for the purpose of generating secret photos to stimulate sick minds of the leaders in the Republican party who want you to ignore what your eyes see and vote for them in the upcoming election?
I don't think I'd go nearly that far. I'd say that it was just indicative of the Republican leadership's lack of concern for other people. As long as they stay powerful, they don't really care what happens to others.
What does it mean when you dream of a snake torturing its prey?
I had a dream where a snake sprung at an animal like a deer and was killing it slowly. The snake attacked the male animal's genitals. Weird. Any Ideas?
By psychology it means un-full-filled sex desire.
What is the worst Christian Torture Device in History?
What torture device do you think was the worst used in history to punish?

Here are a sample of torture devices used by Christians in powers to punish nonbelievers, pagans, and sinners.

The Judas Cradle:

The victim is raised up by the rope or chain and then lowered until the vagina, anus or the coccyx rests on the point. The torturer could vary the pressure by hanging weights from the victim or rocking or raising and dropping the victim from various heights.

The Pope's Pears:

The vaginal pear was used on woman who had sex with the Devil or his familiars. The rectal pear was used on passive male homosexuals and the oral pear was used on heretical preachers or lay persons found guilty of unorthodox practices. Inserted into the mouth, anus or vagina of the victim, the pear was expanded by use of the screw until the insides are ripped, stretched and mutilated, almost always causing death. The pointed ends of the 'leaves' were good for ripping the throat, intestines or cervix open.

Slow Burn

A 16th century device to lift the victim in and out of the fire, roasting him alive slowly instead of burning him all at once.

Crushed. Squeezing heresy out of the foolish

Extreme Makeover

The rack – everybody's favourite. Well, perhaps only of Inquisitors for whom it was the instrument of choice after the pulley had failed. For the helpless victim dislocation of every joint in the body and elongations up to 12" were possible. 'Surgeons' might reset joints to allow the torture to be repeated. Severe lacerations and loss of blood would result from racking even without the additional use of red hot pincers to tear off nipples, tongues, ears, noses, and genitals.
Evangelical, bible-thumping Preachers. And for most of them, given half the chance, they would drag society, kicking and screaming, right back to the dark ages and the reign of terror known as medieval 'christianity'.
Male Masturbation: "forced" orgasms?
I think I have a problem. Male, 40. I have spent most of my life masturbating unconventionally (masturbating face down on a flat mattress). Masturbating with my hand has never been fantastic due to this, and I have typically employed rough handling and almost always required a very firm grip. I almost always struggle with masturbating by hand, whereas my bed masturbation rarely failed to easily produce an orgasm. In the last few weeks, however, I have been working on improving this, by attempting to retrain my penis to enjoy a much-lighter amount of pressure, completely giving up "the bed" to orgasm with, and trying as much as possible to relax and avoid "abusing" or putting pressure on my penis and other genital structures. The sensations are downright incredible compared to whatever I was doing "wrong" before, both using a mattress and whatever hand-masturbation techniques I was using. And while I have approached this level of sensation before, it is literally just in the last weeks that I have worked specifically to try to resolve this lifelong problem of not enjoying as much as I should, and having trouble orgasming with, anything but rubbing myself on my bed. I do know what a "good" one feels like, as I have gotten "lucky" at times pleasuring myself, plus fellatio gives me a breathtaking orgasm (intercourse is trouble for me just as hand masturbation).

My problem: I feel like even now, over these last few weeks, that when I allow myself to feel better and better by staying relaxed, things get to feel very, very good, pretty much consistently. However, as "tortured" as I get, I don't yet feel like an orgasm is just going to come my way. Therefore, I seem to do 2 things that seem to be bad, even though I appear to be discovering, at 40, I can reach consistenly new and somewhat strange heights of arousal and sensitivity:

1) I tend to tense a good portion of my body up to consciously "make" the orgasm happen, resulting in a good wave of pleasure, pulses, and satisfaction/satiation but rarely what I would call a great, knock-out climax. Please be clear: I do this *before* an orgasm can take over, it is me consciously trying to force myself to have an orgasm.

2) I figured out years and years ago, as a teen/young adult, that when I am anticipating an orgasm (if I were to guess, maybe 1-3 minutes before a normal guy might reach orgasm naturally), I have this uncontrollable urge to slow my strokes down to every 1-2 seconds, stopping and holding on to the top third of my penis, head, and getting some orgasm-like pulses out of my penis. I strongly feel now, after a lot of reflection, that I am taking whatever buildup I have achieved, and gone ahead trained myself to get some dry contractions out of it. With significant effort in the next minute or so, I do also get an orgasm of sorts + a healthy ejaculation. But it's not even remotely what I feel like is coming now that I am "better" about relaxing...for a while until I mess things up by doing 1 or 2.

On the other hand, it does feel like my body has been at least partially fooled by this thing I do, as my penis gets numb, my desire to continue takes a hit, and if I am not right on top of things, I will either not be able to orgasm, or just orgasm with a partially-flaccid penis.

Are 1 and 2 bad? Is this what I am doing wrong?

Is it accurate to say that a male orgasm should kind of overcome/wash over the guy? Not the guy "making" it happen, other than, obviously, stimulation of the penis and other caressing of his choice?

Any help or suggestions?
Every persons body is different so you need to find your way thorough what your saying and doing.
You've printed so many scenarios that it's difficult to even figure out what your concern really is.

Your previous efforts to rush and get it over with have caused you tense and force the experience quickly. Your best bet is to relax and let it overcome you instead of struggling to bring it on.
Much of the pleasure in orgasm is from it being an automatic response instead of a forced experience.
The natural build and the spilling over into orgasm is the best experience.

If you lose feeling it sounds like your circumcised and have put too much rough and physical friction on your penis head to where it becomes numbed or desensitized. Start giving your gear a break and use lubes or an oil to make less physical wear.

Single guys who masturbate with the idea of getting it over quickly and right to orgasm through rushing or forcing it make the mistake of training their body to nut soon as possible.
When you marry and have a Lady Lover, that's just what you DON'T WANT YOUR BODY TO DO so don't train it that way.

Hope that helps some

Me! :- )

©, male genital torture